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Fire show for your wedding, corporate event or birthday, in Switzerland and nearby.

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Solo fire show

  • Fire show: 1 artist
  • Duration: 15-25 minutes
  • 5-8 types of fire props
  • LED (light-emitting-diode) costumes
  • Special feature: Requires minimal space. Budget friendly options available.
  • Ideal for: birthday, small city event, company event
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Fire show 2-4 artists

  • Fire show: 2-4 artists
  • Duration: 15-25 minutes
  • 6-8 types of fire props
  • LED (light-emitting-diode) costumes
  • Special feature: Interaction and synchrony. A vast array of special effects. The best shows ever.
  • Ideal for: VIP events, big city event, company event
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Wedding fire show

  • Fire show: 1-4 artist
  • Duration: 15-25 minutes
  • 5-8 types of fire props
  • LED (light-emitting-diode) costumes
  • Special feature: Big fire heart. Fire newlyweds initials. Favorite song in the show
  • Ideal for: Wedding. Wedding anniversary. Wedding gift
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Light-pixel Show

  • Light show: 1-2 artist
  • Duration: 12-18 minutes
  • 5-7 types of light or pixel props
  • Cristal-light costumes
  • Special feature: Huge, glowing angel wings. Props project images and text. Budget friendly
  • Ideal for: Wedding. Indoor events. Party
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Fire inscription

  • Burning duration 2-3 minutes
  • The height of the symbol - 1 meter
  • In the fire show finale or separately
  • Ideal for: Wedding. Birthday. Company event. Special occasions
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Customise your show

  • Customised costumes for your event
  • Surprise party
  • Dates и marriage proposal
  • DJ support and guests greeting
  • Video production
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8 reasons to choose our fire show

  1. Safety is paramount.
    We take the safety of our shows very seriously. There is always a fire blanket on the venue, a fire extinguisher, artists pass fire safety course regularly. We use special stage pyrotechnics, it has a low working temperature and is very safe, it can be touched with bare hands during the show.
  2. Nine years of professional experience and teamwork
    We have been working as a team for over 9 years. With extensive experience, we can instantly respond to unforeseen situations, perform in the most difficult weather conditions or adapt the show to your needs. We performed in different countries and at the most upscale events and we know how to provide top class quality
  3. Special effects in each fire show.
    Our shows are quite different from the performances of street artists. We always add something to the show that you have not seen before. In our fire shows we use: Spark show, fire machines, hand flamethrowers, pyrotechnic installations and props, stage smoke and various effects that can change the color of the fire, add sparks and so on.
  4. Complex tricks and high skills.
    Since the fire show is our job - we are constantly improving our skills, learning new spectacular tricks. Learning one trick can take weeks or even months, so you'll never see anything like our fire show from less professional artists.
  5. Staged performance only.
    In our shows, we focus on synchronized dance movements to the beat of music, which requires lengthy group repetition. Many theaters are not ready to spend so much time and effort, and most of them improvise to music, which is not so spectacular as a staged performance. Our fire show created on the basis of popular musical compositions and emphasizes their dynamics and “WOW” effect.
  6. No preparations needed for our shows.
    We do not need a make-up room, food or accommodation. You show us a performance location of the agreed size, and we will bring everything we need for the show with us. If necessary, we bring portable sound equipment that does not require a 220V network for free
  7. Beautiful, bright LED costumes
    There is a huge difference in the show quality depending on how the artist looks. We put a lot of effort on it. We create colorful costumes, decorate them with LED strip. Our artists are always neat, pretty and in good physical shape.
  8. Diversity
    Each theater artist trained to perform with at least 5 types of different fire props. This allows us to make our fire shows diverse, often change props and do synchronous performances, interactions, and juggling. We take part in international fire festivals to improve our level, share and demonstrate our skills.


My name is Anna and I am happy to help you arrange a fire show or light show for your event easily and effortlessly! The theater is located in Switzerland, but we can also come to your country

Please fill in the simple form below to send me a message with your request, questions or ideas. I will respond as soon as possible, usually within one day.

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You can also contact me at:

  • Email me at [email protected]
  • Telegram or WhatsApp me at (+41) 76 215 81 41.
  • Please send me a message including the following information (using your preferred language):
    • Your name and contact information
    • Date and place of the performance
    • The fire show or led show you have chosen or your wishes for the performance.

There are just 2 simple steps to book the fire show for your event:
  1. Check that your date is available.
    I will check if the desirable date is available. Popular dates are booked up fast!
  2. Confirm or customize your show
    The price for the fire show you see already covers all costs, including transportation all over Switzerland! Specify the show you want to book or send your special requests
Write to us now and leave doubts and worries behind!


Head of the theatre

Frequently asked questions

Find answers to all your questions about fire shows!

  1. Can I have a fire show in my yard?
    Of course! Only 2x3 meters of the area are needed for the fire show with one artist. The venue for the fire show should have a flat surface (ground, tile, asphalt, concrete, grass, sand) and without branches hanging over it. We bring everything necessary for the light or fire shows with us.
  2. Will bad weather be able to spoil the fire show?
    Fire show can be performed at any time of the year and at any temperature. Rain and snow can not hinder the performance. The point is to watch out for comfort of your guests. In the case of downpours, fire show can be shifted in time until the rain stops. If necessary, we will replace the fire show with an indoor light show. No show has been canceled for 12 years of work!
  3. What is the best time for the fire show / light show?
    The best idea is to perform the fire show and light show in the darkness, so you can choose any time after the sunset, we work all night! For a light show it is enough to shade the room with curtains and you can have a light show at any time of day
  4. Is the fire show safe?
    Be assured - you and your guests are safe. We take utmpost care about fire show safety. We bring fire extinguisher and a firefighting blanket to every show and all actors do regular safety trainings. The actor will point out the safe zone for guests and make sure your guests are safe until the end of the fire show.
  5. For what event is optimal to book a fire or light show
    Your wedding, birthday, party, corporate event, conference, festival, the store or restaurant opening, themed nights, love confessions, well, any event will become brighter with our light and fire show.
    The fire show is always bright, dynamic and festive. The show uses pyrotechnics and sparkles, which are very spectacular attributes of any celebration. Our shows are not street performances, but professional productions with colorful costumes and music.
    Also the fire show is quite unusual, and many people will see this incredible show for the first time.
  6. Is it possible to give the fire show as a present?
    This is one of the greatest gifts that you can think about, especially if you are not sure what exactly the person likes. You will give joy and vivid impressions not only to the person but also to all his/her guests. You can be sure that your fire show gift will be unforgettable for a long time.
    We can keep the fire show a secret until the last moment. Imagine what kind of delight can await your guests when they just go out on the porch where your surprise is waiting for them.
  7. Can I take part in the fire show?
    Unfortunately, it is not possible. We are performing with open fire, and that’s why long training period are required, so as not to injure ourselves while working with burning props.
    However, you can lit the fire inscription or fire heart by yourself with the torch.
  8. What is fire inscription?
    We make any symbols from a special cord, which can be set on fire. The fire inscription will burn for 2-3 minutes. The standard height of the symbol is one (1) meter. To place the fire inscription on the fire show performing area, the additional space is needed.
    The fire inscriptions can be quite different: "25" can be made as the indication of the jubilee’s age, "L + E" - where L and E are abbreviations from Lukas and Emma, "Auchan" - as the name of the company which the celebration is held for. It is also possible to make any symbols-shape, logos, etc.
  9. Why should I order you?
    We are one of three best fire show theaters in Ukraine where the fire show is very popular and the number of theaters of such kind is close to be a hundred. Our shows have gone through the fierce competition, but we continue to perform ahead of the curve. Then we performed for over 5 years in Luxembourg and throughout Europe. We have performed the fire show for more than 12 years now.
    We have had tremendous experiences all over Europe. We have done fire shows at the largest events in Luxembourg, Germany, France and Belgium! Just think how many different nuances and knowledge we have gathered along the way. All the best we know we put into our shows now in Switzerland!


Our fire show theatre has been established more than 12 years ago in Ukraine, where after hard work and years of dedication we became of the top 3 Kyiv fire theatres - Ognevitsa.
We brought all our expertise, inventions and ideas to the heart of Europe, becoming the first ever fire theatre in Luxembourg in 2017. Now we are moving to Switzerland and are happy to present our fire show for you! Our timeline shows all important milestones that we have achieved in the past years.

  • 2011

    Creation and first shows

    After two years of training, in 2011 we created our own theatre. Due to the cut-and-try method, we invented props, costumes and performances by our own and performed the first fire shows.
  • APRIL, 2013

    We are the first in Ukraine to invent and perform “Show of Sparks”

    Searches for effects for new fire shows led to amazing success and in 2014. Our theatre participated in the show "Ukraine has a talent" with the incredible show of sparks.
  • DECEMBER, 2013

    Created a unique LED show

    Props and costumes of each actor are synchronized with each other and with a musical tempo. As a result, the show is turned out to be more mesmerizing and eye-catching analogue than other theatres.
  • 2014-2015


    We presented the thematic productions "Ukraine" and "Opera". For our fire shows we began to carry our own music system (background music), fire machine, the "LOVE" inscription from bulbs and a remote control of pyrotechnics.
  • SEPTEMBER, 2016

    Performed more than 1000 times in 50+ cities!

    We continue to improve ourselves, creating new LED programmes, pyrotechnic installations and decorations. The theatre participates in television realisations, gets a victory in the battle among the fire theatres of Ukraine, performs at the largest festivals of the country.
  • DECEMBER, 2017

    Our fire show is now in Luxembourg!

    The theatre opens its branch in Luxembourg and starts performing fire shows in Luxembourg, Germany, France and Belgium.
  • MARCH 2023

    We moved to Switzerland!

    We have had tremendous experiences all over Europe. Performed at the biggest events in Luxembourg, Germany, France and Belgium! Just think how many different nuances and expertise we have gathered along the way. All the best we know, we now put into our shows in Switzerland!